Power Hour

The majority of students that frequent our community center are at least two grade levels behind in reading. Our students' struggles can often be traced back to this battle with reading. FaithWorks is attempting to change that through Power Hour, an after-school tutoring program.

Students from Shidler Elementary meet with their tutors every Thursday from 2:45-4:30 at the FaithWorks Center to develop their reading and math skills and receive assistance with their homework. Join us! Tutors and substitute tutors are always needed to make a difference in the lives of our students!

If you are interested in tutoring, please fill out the tutor application power_hour_appication.pdf and give us a call!


After School Classes

It is the desire of FaithWorks that every child have the opportunity to develop a relationship with a caring adult. With that in mind, each Tuesday and Wednesday beginning at 3:30, volunteers share their talents, skills, and hobbies with our children. Students are able to sign up to participate in sewing, cooking, crafts, art, guitar... even paper airplane making. Generally, classes are once a week for a period of one to two months.

If you have a special skill or hobby you would like to share with a group of students, please contact us today!


What We Do

FaithWorks desires to see a community transformed by God's grace through loving and meaningful relationships.


With a dedicated team of volunteers, FaithWorks is able to provide much-needed programs and services to the families of the Shidler-Wheeler community. With the opening of FaithWorks' Community Center in 2009, the families of the Shidler neighborhood have a central location which provides education, builds community and offers assistance with challenges that life in the inner city brings.




Mommy and Me

Remember your first day of school? Now imagine that you didn't understand anything your teacher said, and you couldn't communicate with her. Mommy and Me was designed specifically with our 3 and 4 year olds in mind. So many of our children start their school experience without any knowledge of English. On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings, our children get an early exposure to the school setting. Parents who attend the class get helpful information about child development and parenting. Our goal is to close the two year learning gap that many of our children face and to ensure they are on target for success in pre-K.

In any neighborhood the teen years are vital years, but in our neighborhood they can literally be the difference between life and death. Each Wednesday and Thursday afternoon our teenagers show up to do what teenagers do best: hang out. Mixed in with all of that hanging out is a life-skills curriculum specifically designed for teenagers growing up in the inner-city, opportunities to serve their community and Bible-study.  As our teens continue to seek guidance in the challenges they face, we ask for your prayer.


Teen Impact

Every Sunday our families join us for worship and Bible study from 11:30-12:30. Our simple approach involves storytelling and life application. Because many of our families would not feel comfortable in a traditional church setting, spiritual resources are sometimes just out of reach. Since many of our families are in our building two to three times a week, they feel comfortable asking questions and participating in the Bible study.


Sunday Celebration



Bridging the GAP

The best way to build a good neighborhood is with good neighbors. Through Bridging the Gap, families from the Shidler neighborhood are able to achieve the dream of home ownership. Each family in the program develops a budget, sets goals and builds equity in a house that will eventually become their home.


Adult/Teen Work Program

How did you get your first job? Most of us knew someone that knew someone. Our teens and adults do not have those connections or resources to find gainful employment. Through the Adult/Teen Work Program, marketable skills and work experience are developed to ensure that employees are able to create an adequate resume. The end goal is to find employment outside the walls of FaithWorks.


Shidler Community Partner

FaithWorks is a comitted community partner to Shidler Elementary. This includes hosting and assisting with events, providing resources and making connections with a volunteer workforce. The Shidler Ambassador Volunteers provide onsite tutoring, assist teachers in the classroom and build an environment where teachers feel appreciated and supported.


FaithWorks employs a school social worker to connect parents with resources, to provide onsite groups for children struggling with behavior, to provide interventions for students and families and to provide overall support to the school.

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